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(YOUR CONGREGATION) is thrilled to partner with JYourWay to offer a number of personalized, meaningful and joyful Jewish experiences to our members.

We will only include the experiences you choose to offer. Each description will be tailored to your community highlighting your community's desire to reach each and every member.

As children we had playdates. As young adults we found love on JDate. To make an eternal connection we go on a PrayDate. The idea is simple - invite your friends and family to your home on a Friday evening for Shabbat dinner and celebration. JYourWay will bring everything we need for a musical, joyful and short Shabbat evening service and will help you participate in all of the Shabbat dinner rituals like candle-lighting, kiddush and hamotzi. We'll even bring special Shabbat activities for the kids! 

Havdalah is a Hebrew word meaning “division” or “separation” and is the name of the ritual that formally ends Shabbat, “separating” it from the beginning of the new week. Havdalah is a short, participatory service infused with music, symbols, and meaning.

If you're having friends and family over on Saturday night, why not begin the evening with a beautiful Havdalah service led by your JYourWay team member. We'll bring everything you need. You just supply the friends and family.

Learning can happen anywhere and anytime. Why not bring some meaningful study to your co-workers and friends over lunch? Your JYourWay team member will come to your office or meet you at a local restaurant and inspire your colleagues with profound and relevant Torah study. We can explore the weekly Torah portion or any topic that is meaningful and interesting to you.

Study is always better with a warm beverage. That's the thinking behind ✡bucks n'Study. Gather your friends and family at a local Starbucks and your JYourWay team member will bring inspirational learning on the weekly Torah portion or a topic of your choosing.

Grab some friends and learn some Torah from wherever you are! Talkin' Torah with your JYourWay team member is inspiring, challenging and deeply relevant learning online about whatever Jewish topic moves you. Learners can be anywhere in the world as Talkin' Torah is held via video conference. Talkin' Torah sessions are $72 each no matter how many learners join us so the more learners, the cheaper it is for you!

Are your kids on the soccer field, baseball diamond or football field Saturday mornings? Are you cheering them on from the sidelines? Why not make the most of that time by transforming it into a Shabbat celebration. Your JYourWay team member will join you and your friends at the fields bringing along some wonderful discussion topics on the Torah portion of the week and a little Shabbat nosh. In between learning, we'll cheer your kids on and give them a special Shabbat gift after the game.

Do you love spending time with your family? Enjoy being outdoors? Always welcoming friends to your home? Then the holiday of Sukkot is just for you. 

Sukkot, a Hebrew word meaning "booths" or "huts," refers to the Jewish festival of giving thanks for the fall harvest.  In celebration of Sukkot, many Jews erect a sukkah, a small, temporary booth or hut. Sukkot (in this case, the plural of sukkah) are commonly used during the seven-day festival for eating, entertaining and even for sleeping. (

Your JYourWay team member will help you build your very own sukkah for your home. We'll bring all of the materials and engage every member of your family in the building and decorating. During Sukkot you'll have a beautiful sukkah in which you can welcome friends and family. After the holiday, you'll keep all of the materials so you can put your sukkah up again next year.

The price for Build Your Sukkah includes sukkah building materials (that you get to keep for next year!)

Hanukkah is one of the most widely celebrated Jewish holidays. Why not share it with friends! Your JYourWay team member will help you create a beautiful and meaningful Hanukkah celebration complete with candle lighting, gift-giving and re-dedicating ourselves to bringing light into the world. As a part of our celebration you and your friends will learn about lighting the Hanukkiyah and the true miracle of Hanukkah. We'll even bring special activities along for the kids!

The Passover seder (meaning order) is probably the most celebrated and beloved of Jewish home rituals. Most Jews have cherished memories of past family times spent at a seder. It is believed that the obligation to tell the story of the Exodus was observed by Jews’ ancestors ever since the actual Exodus itself. The scriptural command (Exodus 13:8) to tell the story of the exodus to our children is interpreted as a positive commandment (mitzvah). (

Are you planning a seder for family and friends? Why not personalize your Passover seder and truly make it your own. Your JYourWay team member will help you craft a custom Haggadah, introduce you to creative ways to engage your guests during the seder and help you gather all of the symbols and ritual items you'll need.

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