Rabbis, cantors and Jewish educators work tirelessly to meet the needs of every member of their congregations. But with limited resources and so many needs it can be challenging to create personalized Jewish experiences. JYourWay is like having another member of your leadership team without the huge expense. When you sign on with JYourWay, you will get your own page on the JYourWay website customized to look just like your congregation's website so your members feel right at home. Visit a sample congregation page here.


Your JYourWay team member will work side-by-side with you to identify your member families that may be interested and benefit from a JYourWay experience. We will then get to know those families and craft, with them, a personal, meaningful and joyful Jewish experience to share with their family and friends.


Because we share your desire to help each of your members connect more deeply to Jewish living, you can be confident that your JYourWay team member will implement each experience with the same passion and dedication that you would. Think of JYourWay as your congregation's concierge clergy. Your families will share a unique and personalized Jewish experience tailored to their passions and desires and reflective of your values as a community.


Depending on the needs of your community you can have JYourWay offer individual experiences or you can contract with us for multiple experiences as a discounted rate. Individual experiences are $180/experience.

  • Torah Package (5 experiences over the course of a year) $850 (a savings of $50) 

  • Mitzvah  Package (13 experiences over the course of a year) $2260 (a savings of over $80) 

  • Chai Package (18 experiences over the course of a year) $3120 (a savings of $120)